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2570 E. Walnut St.

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Why Steven's Tree Experts??

Steven's Tree Experts is a comprehensive tree services company. We're oak tree specialists and experts at tree trimming and tree removal. We do tree and shrub maintenance, specimen tree planting, and much more. Our company also offers landscaping services, including lawn mowing and outdoor construction. Take a look at our services page for a detailed list of our offerings.

Skilled at arboriculture, our certified arborists are qualified to take care of your trees. We can diagnose and treat tree diseases, properly prune and manage trees and shrubs, fertilize, feed, and water your trees. We also plant the next generation of trees.

Certified Arborists

For All Of Your Tree Care Needs...

Serving Pasadena, La Canada and the surrounding areas, Steven's Tree Experts has been a part of the community since 1975. Our commitment to prompt, professional, and safe service has made us one of the San Gabriel Valley's top tree care companies.

Our staff is equipped to handle even the most delicate of tree care needs. With our 24-hour emergency service, we're just a phone call away when disaster strikes. Safety is a top priority at Steven's Tree Experts, that's why dangerous tree removal is one of our specialties. We can appraise your trees and even perform tree surgery. If you have tree care needs, Steven's Tree Experts can help. Give us a call or check out our contacts page to see what we can do for your trees.